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Experience the adrenaline rush from going against the powerful characters of Dragon Ball in Goku War Tenkaichi Xenoverse 5. It is an action fighting game developed by Chocolate Babe Workshop that lets you explore the world of Saiyans as you defeat your enemies.

Different game modes

The game is not all about aimless fighting. It also has a Character Story Mode where you get to follow and progress through a storyline by completing and unlocking new stages. Each character has their own life story and they are all very interesting so I would suggest that you try to finish all of them. Moreover, by unlocking stages in the Character Story Mode,  you will be able to qualify for the Quest mode of the game. You should really work hard to enter the Quest Mode because only then will you be granted access to the other game modes like the Tournament Mode, Ultimate Battle Mode, and Training Mode. 

You can increase your character’s level in the Tournament Mode by winning in 1 on 1 fights while in the Ultimate Battle Mode, you will be pitted against 100 opponents. You will have to defeat them in order to increase your ranking. There will be times when you will have to fight against 2 or more characters at the same time. Enemies come and appear suddenly even if you are already facing someone else so be prepared! It is very important to garner winning points or else you will have to start over to Rank 100, which is the lowest rank. 

If you think you are not yet ready to engage in intense fights in the Tournament Mode and Ultimate Battle mode, you can always settle for the Training Mode. This is perfect for players who are seeking to improve or familiarize themselves with their character’s moves and capabilities. Winning fights in Training Mode also increases your character’s level. 

There are many battle stages you can fight on in this game. For instance, you can visit Namek, Piccolo’s home planet or on Kami’s Lookout high up among the clouds. 

Smooth movements

The fights in Goku War Tenkaichi Xenoverse 5 is very different from other fighting games. In here you are given a full experience of what it is like to be Dragon Ball character, flying abilities and superpowers included. The transformations, power blasts, and movements of the characters while fighting are all very smooth and backed up with amazing animation and effects. The attacks look realistic and leaves you in awe. You are also provided with a continuous 360-degree point of view so you can view the battle any way you want. Your opponent’s life span is also displayed and you can see the impact of your attacks in real time. 

Be a Super Saiyan

Goku War Tenkaichi Xenoverse 5 is a very immersive and addicting fighting game because of its incredible visuals. It is able to capture the spirit of Dragon Ball with how the characters’ powers and transformations are delivered in incredible quality. Combined with the intense background music, you will feel really hyped up to keep playing this game.


  • Many camera angles available
  • Has different game modes
  • Has different game modes
  • Immersive story mode


  • Game controls take up screen space
  • Camera movements can be dizzying
  • Character Story Mode can be dragging
  • Controls take time to master

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